Supercharge your top-of-the-funnel

Leverage powerful AI/ML technology to spot potential customers 24X7 intelligently.


Prospect Faster. Connect Smarter.

Truebase spots similar leads to the ones that converted and connect your B2B revenue teams with key stakeholders in the buyer’s journey.

Lookalike Leads

Unlock the power of AI that continuously adapt and personalize to your go-to-market strategy.


Save hours daily prospecting with keyword searches when leads are showing in your outreach application.

Key Stakeholders

Accelerate closing time by mapping the key decision-makers involved in moving your deal forward.

Warm Intros

Amplify your response rate by engaging your team so you can focus on what matters.

How It Works?

We aggregate the internet to track 100+ million data points to pinpoint your potential customers continuously.

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1. Train

Teach the AI with leads that positively interacted with your brand.

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2. Lookalikes

Leverage cutting-edge technology that personalizes to your team.

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3. Leads

Get high-quality contact info and optimal outreach paths.

Works the way you do

Our integration with Zapier allows you to connect Truebase with 1000+ applications