Turn Your Network into the Ultimate Hiring Machine

Engage your employees and professional network to efficiently source the best talent they know. Recognize and reward them appropriately.

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Get intros to your next hire

You’re network is already connected to the best talent. Streamline the referral process and get introduced to passive candidates so that you can hire faster.

How It Works

Spread the word

Engage your extended network and we will pinpoint the best talent they are connected to.

Review referrals

Your network refers candidates, review their suggestions while keeping them in the know.

Recognize and Reward

Celebrate success with kudos and a monetary reward.

Push the envelope

Smart recommendations

Each referral you review will improve recommendations to your network.

Establish trust

Referrals are recorded on the blockchain ledger to ensure transparency.

Streamline rewards

Automatically pay referrers as promised, on time, and in a cost-effective way.