Turn Your Network into the Ultimate Hiring Machine

Engage your employees and professional network to efficiently source the best talents they know. Recognize and reward them appropriately.


Hire the best talent, fast!

You are one or two degrees of separation away from your ideal candidate. 70% of candidates are passive and hard to reach. Leverage your network and get trusted recommendations so that you can hire 55% faster. Truebase helps you streamline the referral process so that you can cut through the noise and focus on what matters.

How It Works

Link to a job post

Continue working the way you do, we integrate with other ATS and recruiting solutions.

Set your reward

Make it worth their while, you are saving on steep recruiting fees and much your time.

Spread the word

Invite employees & professionals you know to tap into their network to find the best fit.

Get referrals

Participants refer candidates, review their suggestions while keeping them in the know.

Recognize & reward

Celebrate the success with kudos and a monetary reward.


Technology You Can Trust

Truebase records interactions onto the blockchain ledger to ensure transparency for participants with multiple degrees of separation. Payouts are managed by blockchain smart contracts to ensure everyone is paid as promised and with minimal fees.


Our Promise


Do you have 10 minutes? Our integrations, web and mobile apps, and templates make it easy to get started.


With leaderboards, gamification, and personalized notifications, participants won’t hesitate to help.


Your promise is managed by blockchain smart contracts so that participants and their networks are rewarded appropriately.


No more high bank transaction fees. Reward participants with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

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