Wissam Tabbara

Founder & CEO


Wissam is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years as a CEO, founder, leader, advisor and mentor at a variety of different Seattle startups. He was a founding member at Symform, a peer-to-peer cloud storage system that was acquired by Quantum in 2014. Wissam was also a leader at Microsoft where he built critical services for Bing Ads.

Phill Ramey

Founding Member


Phill is a product leader with 10+ years of experience delivering products to companies such as Atlassian, Microsoft, and eBay. He launched customer focused programs at Amazon Web Services and led the application development team at Azuqua, a leading cloud integration platform for the enterprise.

George Vanica



George is a technology leader with 20+ years experience building highly scalable and performant distributed systems at Microsoft, Expedia, and Amazon. He architected Expedia’s hotel booking engine that produced $5bn in revenue. Most recently, George launched deep learning and computer vision initiatives at Amazon Web Services.

Thomas Gebhart



Thomas is a mathematician, data scientist, and economist with experience ranging from work as a quant at a multibillion-dollar hedge fund to R&D at NASA. He is also involved in the cryptocurrency and AI research communities where he has published multiple papers.